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How did the Japanese government react when the first atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima? Japan didn't want to stop the war.
a) Emperor Hirohito committed suicide.
b) Leading generals in the Japanese army insisted that the country surrender immediately.
c) Japan's military vowed to keep fighting.
d) The government signed a pact with the Soviet Union to help Japan fight the United States.

Who wrote a letter to President Roosevelt urging that the United States build an atomic bomb before the Germans could?
a) Dwight Eisenhower
b) George Marshall
c) Douglas MacArthur
d) Albert Einstein

Which description of the Atlantic Charter and the Yalta Conference is correct? What would happen after the war?
a) two battles in which the Allies suffered tremendous casualties
b) secret meetings in which the Allies discussed how to divide up the world after the war
c) two battles in which the Axis powers suffered tremendous casualties
d) steps the Allies took toward planning for the post-war era

Which statement accurately describes the U.S. government's handling of Japanese Americans during World War II? Japanese Americans were sent to camps.
a) The government made sure that Japanese Americans were fairly paid for property that they sold.
b) President Roosevelt refused calls to intern Japanese American citizens just because of their race.
c) Japanese Americans were rounded up in early 1942 and deported to Japan through China.
d) Japanese Americans on the West Coast were sent to internment camps without ever being accused of a crime.

Which statement about the Pacific Theater in World War II is true? Navajo Indians had a unique language.
a) At the Battle of Midway, Japanese planes sank four American aircraft carriers.
b) After the Battle of the Coral Sea, Japanese forces invaded and captured Australia.
c) Guadalcanal was chosen by American planners for invasion because of its pleasant climate and open terrain.
d) Navajo Indians in the U.S. Marine Corps developed an unbreakable code using their native language.

Which statement about events in World War II is not accurate? The German's didn't break the Allie's most secret codes.
a) New types of ships were designed to allow Allied forces to attack Japanese-held islands in the Pacific.
b) Allied air forces mounted mass bombing raids over Germany to destroy cities and factories.
c) German V-1 and V-2 rockets killed many people and caused considerable damage in Great Britain.
d) German cryptologists gave the Axis powers a huge advantage by breaking the Allies' most secret codes.

Which correctly describes Hitler's final solution? The Jewish people were effected by Hitler's final solution.
a) a plan to invade the Soviet Union and enslave its people
b) a strategy for enlarging Germany through annexation
c) a remedy for Germany's economic problems of the 1930s
d) a plan to exterminate all the Jewish people in Europe

Which term is used to describe hatred of Jews? Anti is against.
a) misanthropy
b) atheism
c) anti-Semitism
d) misogyny

Which ethnic group was not rounded up by the Nazis and sent to concentration camps? Aryans were considered a pure race.
a) Aryans
b) Jews
c) Gypsies
d) Slavs

Which European democracy held out in the face of relentless German attacks during the early years of World War II? Britain joined the Allies last.
a) France
b) Denmark
c) Norway
d) Britain

Which term refers to the popular view during the 1930s that America should not get involved in Europe's troubles? If you isolate yourself you don't have to get involved.
a) geocentrism
b) egalitarianism
c) isolationism
d) anarchism

Why did the United States enter World War II? Japan made a surprise attack on America.
a) because Churchill convinced Roosevelt that Britain was about to fall to the Nazis
b) to prevent Hitler from conquering the Soviet Union and murdering Europe's Jews
c) to put an end to Japanese brutality against the Chinese people
d) because Japan launched an air attack against the U.S. Pacific fleet in Hawaii

Which statements about the circumstances in Germany that led to Adolf Hitler's rise to power are true? The Germans were influenced by their financial difficulties.
a) The worldwide depression in the early 1930s hit Germany hard. Steep inflation destroyed many Germans' s savings.
b) Germans trusted Hitler to obey the terms of the Treaty of Versailles so as not to offend France and Britain.
c) The German people were tired of strong leaders and wanted a chancellor the Reichstag could control.

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