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Why does Liselle decide to have sex with Oscar?
a) to get Oscar to like her and keep his attention
b) all her friends were doing it
c) he made her
d) she never did

Who said the following words: Liselle, she's all right I guess. But I know other girls at Bluford who are finer than that.
a) Oscar
b) Jamil
c) Monique
d) Shayna

How does Liselle feel when Monique gives her a makeover?
a) Liselle loves the makeover
b) Liselle decides to keep this permanent
c) Liselle feel uncomfortable and goes back to her normal clothes
d) Liselle's mom sees her and grounds her

How does Liselle react when Kendra finds her in the bathroom?
a) She is excited
b) Liselle gets mad and tells Kendra not to say anything
c) The two celebrate together
d) Liselle runs out of the bathroom

In her flashback, why does Liselle go to the 3rd floor bathroom?
a) That's where she found out she was pregnant
b) That's where she went into labor
c) That's where she met Oscar
d) That's where she got the idea to name her baby

Who said these words: This ain't none of your business...You didn't see nothin', y'hear me?
a) Kendra
b) Monique
c) Tamara
d) Liselle

By the end of The Test, we can infer that
a) Liselle still feels that her mom is too hard on her dad
b) Liselle's mom is the only one raising Kelena
c) Liselle accepts help from her mom in raising Kelena but does most of the work herself
d) Dad will help raise Kelena on a daily basis

By the end of the story, we can infer (conclude) that Oscar
a) is an excellent father
b) will soon get another girl pregnant
c) will ask Liselle to marry him
d) is trying to fulfill his responsibilities toward Kelena

The end of the story suggests that Liselle
a) may consider becoming a counselor
b) will tell April that caring for a baby isn't very hard
c) will encourage April to give her baby up for adoption
d) will tell Ms. Spencer that April is pregnant

The end of the story suggests that the girls in the Blueford library
a) will give up thinking about boys
b) were bored by Liselle's talk
c) may now think twice about having sex with a boy to keep him interested
d) still believe that it's not hard to care for a baby

In order to support her daughter, Liselle works at
a) Jackson's Diner
b) a college bookstore
c) a women's health clinic
d) Super Foods

After Liselle tells Dad that she is pregnant, he
a) proudly announces that he's going to be a grandpa
b) calls Liselle's mother and tells her to come pick up Lisells up
c) yells at Brian for not watching over his sister
d) tells Lieselle he never wants to see her again

Monique and Liselle originally planned to both get summer jobs at
a) a daycare
b) Niko's pizza place
c) a mall clothing store
d) Scoops ice cream shop

When Tamara is disrespectful, Lisells
a) ignores her and goes on speaking
b) kicks the chair right out from under her
c) tells Ms. Spencer, who orders Tamara out of the library
d) takes Tamara's cell phone and demands that she listen to her

1 lesson Lisells learned was
a) some of the people she once looked up to were not really deserving of her respect
b) she will have to give up her education in order to raise Kelena
c) her dad is an excellent father
d) good students like Kendra tend to be snobbish

The main idea of The Test is
a) having a baby shouldn't change a teenager's lifestyle
b) no matter what their age, parents need to take responsibility for their children
c) there is no way a teenager can be a good parent
d) being physical with someone is a good way to keep them interested

What kind of mother is Shayna
a) Shayna doesn't have a baby
b) Shayna doesn't take care of her baby, her mom (Liselle's Aunt Zoe) does
c) Shayna is a great mother
d) Shayna is trying really hard to be a good mom

What did Aunt Zoe tells Liselle several things that makes her feel better about having a baby?
a) how to take a baby's temperature
b) how to give a baby medicine
c) that Aunt Zoe and Liselle's mom are there to help Liselle
d) all of the above

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