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What is not a primary source?
a) Diary
b) Interview
c) Encyclopedia
d) Speech

Which of the following was not an argument for the Anti-federalists?
a) The executive branch held too much power.
b) There was no bill of rights.
c) It gave too much power to the national government at the expense of the state governments.
d) The separation of powers into three independent branches protected the rights of the people

Which of the following describes a Federalist?
a) Supported the ratification of the Constitution
b) Wanted the addition of the Bill of Rights to the Constitution
c) Argued there was too much power to the executive branch.
d) Argued that the Constitution took rights away from the states.

What amendment abolished slavery?
a) 10th
b) 13th
c) 17th
d) 15th

Why were there so many Irish Immigrants coming to American during the early 1800's.
a) for a vacation
b) wanted to rebel against government of Ireland
c) the famine or the Great Hunger was occurring in Ireland.
d) wanted more job opportunities

Which of the following states do not make up the Northwest Territory?
a) Ohio
b) Illinois
c) Missouri
d) Wisconsin

What is the 3 step process that made up territories into states?
a) Land Ordinance of the midwest
b) Western states Ordinance
c) Northwest Ordinance
d) The Land Ordinance of 1787

a) d
b) a
c) a
d) a

a) d
b) a
c) a
d) a

a) d
b) d
c) d
d) d

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