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In Nigeria’s government, power is divided between Central and regional authorities. This is an example of which government type?
a) Unitary
b) Federal
c) Parliamentary
d) Confederation

One person possesses unlimited power. The citizen has limited, if any, role in government.
a) Autocratic
b) Democractic
c) Oligarchy
d) Republic

What is a basic way citizens of a democratic nation can influence the government?
a) Consuming Goods
b) Voting
c) Obeying Laws
d) Working

In which system of government does the legislature elect the executive leader of the government?
a) Democratic
b) Communist
c) Totalitarian
d) Parliamentary

A form of government in which a ruler or small group has absolute power (not restricted by a constitution or laws).
a) Dictatorship
b) Presidential Democracy
c) Parliamentary Democracy
d) Republic

A government in which the supreme power is lodged in the hands of a monarch (king or queen) who reigns over a state or territory, usually for life and by hereditary right.
a) Monarchy
b) Theocracy
c) Parliamentary Democracy
d) Constitutional Democracy

A form of government in which a Deity (God) is recognized as the supreme civil ruler. Lead by religious leaders
a) Communist
b) Democracy
c) Theocracy
d) Monarchy

A system of government in which a monarch is guided by a constitution whereby his/her rights, duties, and responsibilities are spelled out in written law or by custom.
a) Examples are Japan and Canada
b) Examples are China and Cuba
c) Examles are United States and India
d) Examples are Iran and Saudia Arabia

A system of government in which the state government plans and controls the economy and a single - often authoritarian party holds power
a) Theocracy
b) Communist
c) Democracy
d) Republic

A form of government where the citizens elect their leaders
a) Communist
b) Dictatorship
c) Military Dictatorship
d) Republic

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