Ants Empire Question Preview (ID: 18279)

This Game Will Test Your Knowledge About Famous People In World History.

What was Churchill's first name ?
a) James
b) Charles
c) Darwin
d) Winston

Who was Franklin Delano Roosevelt ?
a) A lawyer in France
b) Famous Italian singer
c) President of the United States of America
d) Restaurant chef in Switzerland

Who was Mary-Antoinette?
a) French hairdresser
b) Last queen of France
c) Politician women in the late 80's
d) Celebrity singer

How long did Queen Victoria rule ?
a) 1837-1901
b) 1856-1922
c) 1950-1968
d) 1820-1833

What did Christopher Columbus discover ?
a) Africa
b) America
c) Europe
d) Russia

Who was Vincent Van Gogh ?
a) King
b) Civil rights activist
c) Politician
d) Dutch painter

Indira Ghandi was ?
a) Queen
b) Actress
c) Third Prime Minister of India
d) Super model

Who was the leader of Nazi Germany in 1933-45 ?
a) Karl Schwarz
b) Adolf Hitler
c) William Kaiser
d) Marcus Schleiffen

Who was Marie Curie ?
a) Actress
b) Singer
c) French scientist
d) Hairdresser

Who was Oscar Wilde ?
a) English intelectual
b) Irish writer
c) French chef
d) Owner of bookshop

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