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Which of following is a true statement about Hoovervilles?
a) Hoovervilles created a campaign to raise money to build the Hoover Dam
b) Homeless people built shack villages named after the President
c) Hoovervilles were limited to the very wealthy to keep them away from the poor
d) All of the above

Which of the following explains how the United States fell into an economic depression beginning in 1929?
a) All of the below are correct
b) Problems of farmers such as expensive equipment and overproduction
c) Stock market crash
d) Millions of families left out of wealth in the 1920s buying items on credit

How did the Great Depression affect North Carolina?
a) It helped the state because the other parts of the country were finally as poor as North Carolina.
b) It helped the state because people moved to the state looking for jobs.
c) It hurt the state because many North Carolinians lost their homes, their businesses, and their farms
d) It hurt the state because many people in North Carolina worked in the stock market when it crashed.

What is the biggest factor that contributes to people immigrating to a new country in the 21st Century?
a) Desire to live in warm climates
b) Desire to live near popular tourist attractions
c) Better entertainment options and more variety
d) Better job opportunities and a higher income

What was an impact of Imperialism on the United States?
a) It provided America with more wealth through new markets to sell to and buy from.
b) It upset many Americans that did not like all the new territory.
c) It established racial equality with the United States.
d) It made the United States more isolated as other countries expanded their empires.

Which is one way North Carolina’s textile (cloth) industry was affected by World War I?
a) Consumers refrained from buying their luxury items, thereby reducing revenue.
b) Women began working more as they replaced men drafted to fight in the war.
c) Mills villages were forced to close schools and children were forced to work in mills.
d) Cotton mills were forced to shut down in order to have workers go produce more weapons in factories.

During the industrialization period, what group struggled to survive?
a) Sharecroppers
b) Cotton mill workers
c) New immigrants
d) All of the above

How does N.C. Governor Charles B. Aycock represent the struggle between progress and racism in The New South?
a) While he was a white supremacist he also sought progressive reforms to improve education for African Americans
b) He was a progressive who sought to eliminate racism in North Carolina by allowing both whites and blacks to work for same pay
c) He was a white supremacist that supported hate groups like the KKK by encouraging violence and intimidation of black voters
d) None of the above

What difficult choice did many families have to make during Industrialization regarding their children?
a) Whether or not to teach them to use old technologies or new technologies.
b) Whether or not to adopt children from foreign countries.
c) Whether or not to send their children to school or to work in a factory to help the family income.
d) Whether or not to leave the children behind on the farm when they moved to a mill village.

Cigarette Factories, Cotton Mills, and Furniture Factories all played an important role in
a) the Great Migration of African-Americans to northern cities.
b) the isolation of farms in the Carolinas from foreign markets.
c) gaining public support for new laws limiting immigration to North Carolina.
d) the development of industry in North Carolina in The New South.

What was a problem that many factory workers faced during Industrialization?
a) Long hours
b) Low pay
c) Dangerous working conditions
d) All of the above

In The New South, what aspect of sharecropping made it similar to slavery?
a) It helped maintain white supremacy in the South by keeping African-Americans from social and economic progress.
b) Sharecroppers were all only African-Americans.
c) Land owners were able to beat and whip the sharecroppers renting their land.
d) It also empowered southern African-Americans by giving them free land to farm and earn a living.

Where did most people immigrating to the U.S. settle?
a) In the South because of the farming opportunities
b) In the West because of the possibility for gold
c) In Northern cities because of urbanization and industrialization.
d) Along the Mexican and Canadian border, because it was easy to enter the country.

Which statement best explains how Northern cities affect Industrialization?
a) There were few large cities, so people were able to live without large crowds
b) There were many large cities near each other and immigrants pouring in through Ellis Island
c) There were few large cities because their economy was based around agriculture
d) There were many large cities that scared immigrants away and pushed them to live in the South

Which statement best describes challenges faced by African-Americans immediately after the Civil War?
a) Many had not yet attained their freedom from slavery.
b) Many lacked education and job skills.
c) Many could not decide which candidates to support.
d) Many were unable to work on large farms.

What was one of the largest failures of Reconstruction?
a) Not all the Northern railroads destroyed in the Civil War were rebuilt.
b) No new amendments were added to the Constitution.
c) Many African-Americans faced segregation in public facilities.
d) Slavery continued for several more decades.

The most significant change resulting from Reconstruction was
a) improvements in the system used to elect the president
b) the passage of new amendments to the Constitution
c) the rapid industrialization of the Southern economy
d) a reduction in racial discrimination throughout the nation

Which English Colonial region was dependent upon slavery and agriculture?
a) Middle Colonies
b) New England Colonies
c) Spanish Colonies
d) Southern Colonies

How did the Freedman’s Bureau help during the Reconstruction Era?
a) Helped freed slaves gain an education, food, and jobs
b) Provided a method for Confederate prisoners to earn their freedom
c) Recruited white volunteers to intimidate freedmen from voting for reforms
d) Helped white supremacists intimidate freedmen so they would not vote

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