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Why Air Changes From Day To Day.[print questions]

An air mass forms over the Gulf of Mexico and moves northeast across Georgia. What weather conditions are likely to prevail in Georgia?
a) warm and humid
b) warm and dry
c) cool and humid
d) cool and dry

Which of the following is a renewable source of energy?
a) Natural gas
b) Coal
c) Oil
d) Falling water

Cold air masses that form at high latitudes are called
a) polar air masses
b) continental air masses
c) warm air masses
d) maritime air masses

By increasing the height of smokestacks, industries in the Midwest reduced the local concentration of air pollutants. However, the pollution was carried by wind to the Northeast where it contributed significantly to —
a) reduced rainfall
b) soil erosion
c) mass wasting
d) acid rain

Warm evaporated moisture from an ocean moved inland over a city. The city is blocked on one side by a mountain range. Which type of weather characteristic is MOST LIKELY to occur?
a) rain
b) snow
c) clear skies
d) low humidity

The sun warms a large area of an ocean. This causes a large amount of water to evaporate into the air. Which weather event might occur?
a) tornado
b) hurricane
c) tidal wave
d) freezing rain

Which is MOST LIKELY to cause a hurricane?
a) a distant tidal wave
b) a deep underwater earthquake
c) warm evaporated water from the ocean
d) cold evaporating water from the ocean

Jennifer measured the temperature difference between two areas located next to each other. She did this at four locations. Which location is MOST LIKELY to have the strongest winds?
a) lake and river
b) forest and field
c) pond and stream
d) ocean and beach

Jordan researched the hourly temperatures of an ocean and a land mass near each other. Each morning Jordan discovered the ocean and land had a similar temperature. For the rest of the day the sun continues to warm the ocean and land. During the day,
a) toward the land
b) toward the ocean
c) the air will remain still
d) Jordan does not have enough data to tell.

Warm air rising at the equator and cold air sinking a the poles is one reason for which event
a) hurricanes
b) Coriolis force
c) earth's rotation
d) convection currents

Which statement about Earth's heating patterns is true?
a) The rate of cooling depends on the season
b) Large bodies of water cool more quickly than land
c) Land cools more quickly than large bodies of water
d) Land and large bodies of water cool at the same rate

Yvette was looking at a map that showed where hurricanes had formed. She noticed that more hurricanes formed over tropical oceans than over colder ocean areas. Which of these BEST explains why more hurricanes form over tropical oceans than cold ocean
a) Air has less moisture over tropical oceans than over cold oceans.
b) Air has more moisture over tropical oceans than over cold oceans.
c) Water has more waves in tropical oceans than in colder oceans.
d) Water has fewer currents in tropical oceans than in colder oceans.

At the seashore late in the afternoon on a hot, sunny day, a person often feels a strong breeze coming in from the ocean. Which of the following is the reason for the breeze?
a) The pounding waves generate air currents.
b) The warm air over the ocean rushes in to replace the cool air that rises over the land.
c) The heavy, cool air over the ocean rushes in to replace the warm air that rises over the land.
d) There are no clouds to block the wind coming in from the ocean.

In some years there are more hurricanes than usual. This is probably because
a) the ocean is warmer than usual
b) the ozone layer is very thin.
c) there are more windy days than usual.
d) the gravitational pull of the Moon is stronger.

Which of the following describes an air mass with the symbol cT?
a) cold and wet
b) cold and dry
c) warm and wet
d) warm and dry

Which statement about tornadoes is correct?
a) They are a very common part of thunderstorms.
b) Seventy-five percent of the world’s tornadoes occur in the United States.
c) Seventy-five percent of the world’s tornadoes occur in the United States.
d) They are the strongest storms on Earth.

What kind of weather does a cold front usually bring?
a) warm
b) stormy
c) sunny
d) windy

Which answer best describes Earth’s atmosphere?
a) mostly oxygen with about 21% nitrogen
b) mostly nitrogen with about 21% oxygen
c) mostly carbon dioxide with about 21% oxygen
d) mostly nitrogen with about 21% carbon dioxide

What causes differences in air temperatures at different altitudes?
a) mainly the way air radiates solar energy
b) mainly the way gases radiate light
c) mainly the way gases absorb solar energy
d) mainly the way moisture moves through the atmosphere

Wind occurs because of differences in
a) latitude.
b) air pressure.
c) nitrogen levels.
d) humidity.

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