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More and more people goods were transported to the east from Iowa by steamboats and later
a) bicycles
b) prairie schooners
c) airplanes
d) railraods

In eastern Iowa pioneers cut down trees to build
a) birch bark houses
b) soddies
c) log cabins
d) prairie schooners

Advances in farm machinery that helped speed harvesting
a) combine
b) McCormick reaper
c) John Deer steel plow
d) flail

The steel plow helped farming because
a) did not need an ox to pull it
b) it cut through deep prairie roots easily
c) cost less than an iron and wood plow
d) it was produced in Iowa

Most pioneers to Iowa came from Europe and
a) Canada
b) eastern US states
c) Mexico
d) western states

Homes built on the treeless prairie made of dirt bricks were called
a) log cabins
b) prairie pods
c) sod houses/ soddies
d) frames

The Ioway Indians were the first
a) buffalo hunters
b) farmers
c) traders
d) pottery makers

The first capital of the Iowa territory was
a) Burlington
b) Dubuque
c) Iowa City
d) Des Moines

ancient mounds built by the Woodland people in the shape of animals are called
a) effigy mounds
b) sand traps
c) monuments
d) prairies

The French explorer La Salle claimed the land west of the Mississippi and named it
a) Iowa
b) Louisiana Territory
c) New France
d) New Oleans

The first Europeans to step foot in Iowa were
a) Julien Dubuque
b) Chief Black Hawk
c) Father Marquette and Joliet
d) Lewis and Clark

In 1803 Pres. Jefferson hired _______________ to travel the Missouri River westward exploring the Louisiana Territory
a) Marquette and Jloiet
b) Julien Dubuque
c) Salle
d) Lewis and Clark

The Ancient Woodland Indians were also known as
a) Mound Builders
b) missionaries
c) farmers

Historically Iowa was known as a prairie
a) waves of grain
b) rolling streams
c) sea of grasses
d) parade of flowers

prehistoric native Americans traveled across ___________________ into North America
a) rolling hills
b) vast deserts
c) high mountains
d) ice land bridge

Iowa is bordered on the north by
a) Missouri
b) Wisconsin
c) Minnesota
d) Illinois

Iowas land was shaped millions of years ago by
a) flooding
b) glaciers
c) earthquakes
d) mountains

Iowa is bordered between two rivers
a) Mississippi on the West and Missouri on the south
b) Mississippi on east and Missouri River on the west
c) Ohio River on the east, Missoruri on te west
d) Des Moines River on the west, the Mississippi River on the east

Iowa is located in ________________
a) Heartland
b) Midwest
c) Breadbasket
d) all of the above

Iowa is located between ______ N latitude and ____longitude
a) 42N and 93E
b) 93N and 42E
c) 42N and 93W
d) 42S and 93W

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