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A person who buys a product is called a
a) retailer
b) transporter
c) consumer
d) producer

Iowa is the top livestock producer of
a) cattle
b) hogs
c) sheep
d) turkey

Iowa is first in the production of crop products
a) wheat and oats
b) hay and corn
c) corn and soybeans
d) soybeans and wheat

Many manufacturing jobs include the making of
a) farm machinery and food products
b) fishing and boat products
c) mining and clothing products
d) paper products

What percent of jobs are in farming today?
a) 2%
b) 7%
c) 23%
d) 50%

Most jobs today in Iowa are in______positions.
a) agriculture
b) government
c) manufacturing
d) service

What people choose to make and sell is affected by
a) natural resources and climate
b) climate and air quality
c) shipping and tourism
d) environment and culture

Iowa has been known economically as a/an
a) manufacturing state
b) technology state
c) agriculture state
d) shipping

John Deere and Company is
a) retailer
b) consumer
c) manufacturer
d) product

In economics, a farmer is called a
a) producer
b) consumer
c) manufacturer
d) retailer

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