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What countries were in the Cold War?
a) United States and the Soviet Union
b) Soviet Union and China
c) United States and Japan
d) United States and Korea

When did the Cold War end?
a) after the Korean War
b) when the Socialist Republic of Vietnam was established
c) after the Vietnam War in 1975
d) when the Soviet Union broke up in 1991

What was the "domino theory" that the United States believed in?
a) That Korea would fall after Vietnam did
b) That if a nation became Communists, others in the area would also
c) That countries should get as many colonies as possible
d) That Vietnam would fall after the Communists left the country

Who came to South Korea\'s aid when North Korea tried to take it over in 1950?
a) the United States and Great Britain
b) the United States and Vietnam
c) The United States and the United Nations
d) the Soviet Union and China

What was used for the first time in the Korean War?
a) jets
b) blimps
c) kites
d) submarines

What country helped North Korea during the Korean War?
a) Soviet Union
b) China
c) Indonesia
d) Laos

What serves as a border between North and South Korea?
a) 75th parallel
b) the Huang He River
c) the Himalayas
d) 38th parallel

What does "stalemate" mean?
a) fighting is over
b) one side completely destroyed the other
c) neither side gained much territory
d) there is a break in the fighting

What type of government does North Korea have today?
a) Communist
b) Constitutional Monarchy
c) Federal Republic
d) Democractic

What kind of government does South Korea have today?
a) Communist
b) Constitutional Monarchy
c) Federal Republic
d) Democractic

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