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Which cell organelles are most closely associated with protein synthesis?
a) chloroplasts
b) mitochondria
c) ribosomes
d) lysosomes

What is the site of protein synthesis in plant cells?
a) nuclei
b) chromosomes
c) vacuoles
d) ribosomes

What would most likely happen if the ribosomes in a cell were not functioning?
a) the cell would undergo uncontrolled mitotic cell division.
b) The synthesis of enzymes would stop.
c) The cell would produce antibodies.
d) The rate of transport of glucose in the cytoplasm would increase.

Some scientists disagree on whether or not viruses are alive. A major reason for this disagreement is that viruses
a) cannot manufacture food
b) are not composed of units of structure known as cells
c) do not contain nucleic acid
d) do not contain the element carbon

Which factor is not needed to promote growth of bacteria in petri dishes?
a) light
b) nutrients
c) warmth
d) moisture

The phrase t a cell but has the ability to reproduce within a living cell can be used to describe
a) an alga
b) a yeast
c) a bacterium
d) a virus

Glucose and maltose are classified as organic compounds because they are both
a) carbon-containing substances
b) composed of simple elements
c) waste products
d) artificial sugars

Which substances are most commonly used as building blocks in the synthesis of some lipids?
a) sugars and starches
b) amino acids and nucleotides
c) starches and enzymes
d) glycerol and fatty acids

Which element is present in living cell and in almost all organic compounds?
a) potassium
b) sulfur
c) nitrogen
d) carbon

Which gas beame more abundant in the Earth's primitive atmosphere as a result of long periods of fermentation by anaerobic organisms?
a) hydrogen
b) carbon dioxide
c) ammonia
d) methane

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