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The cost of a smartphone is $199. A newer model costs 10% more. Which choice is closest to the sale price of the newer model after a 20 % discount?
a) $175.12
b) $179.10
c) $218.90
d) $258.70

Sid drew a scale diagram of a circular logo for a billboard. The radius of the logo he started with was 8 cm. The radius of the logo on the billboard was 5.6 m. Which scale factor did he use?
a) 0.7
b) 7
c) 70
d) 700

Envelopes are sold in different-size packages. Which package has the lowest cost per envelope?
a) $1.00 for 50 envelopes
b) $2.50 for 200 envelopes
c) $4.50 for 500 envelopes
d) $8.50 for 1000 envelopes

Stephanie uses the following proportion to determine what amount of sesame oil, s, to use with 300 mL of soya sauce in her stir-fry recipe. 3/5 = s/300
a) 60
b) 180
c) 500
d) 900

Consider the following proportion. 3/5 = y/15 What is the value of y?
a) 3
b) 9
c) 10
d) 12

The dimensions of a rectangle are in a 4:5 ratio. The length is 25 cm. What is the width?
a) 15 cm
b) 20 cm
c) 25 cm
d) 30 cm

The ratio of snowboarders to skiers at a mountain is 36:54. What fraction of the total number of people are skiing?
a) 2/5
b) 3/5
c) 2/3
d) 3/2

Bonnie earned $76.50 in 6 h at her part-time job. How much can she earn in a week in which she works 28 h?
a) $104.50
b) $357.00
c) $459.00
d) $2142.00

Which choice is NOT equivalent to the ratio 1:4?
a) 2:5
b) 1/4
c) 5/20
d) 2:8

The width and length of a rectangle are in a 3:7 ratio. The rectangle is 60 cm wide. How long is the rectangle?
a) 20 cm
b) 27 cm
c) 64 cm
d) 140 cm

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