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Which of the following is not the SI unit of pressure?
a) N/m*m
b) Pa
c) pascals
d) newtons

Pressure is
a) force x area
b) area / force
c) force + area
d) force / area

At higher elevations, air pressure is
a) less because there is less air above
b) greater because there is more air below
c) less because gravity is stronger
d) less because the air is moving faster.

When pressure is applied to a confined liquid, the increase in pressure is transmitted equally to all parts of the fluid. This fact is called
a) Pascal's principle
b) Newton's Principle
c) Archimedes principle
d) Bernoulli's prinicple

An object under water feels light than it does in air because of
a) air pressure
b) fluid speed
c) buoyancy
d) temperature

An object is dropped into a beaker containing a liquid. The object drops to the bottom of the beaker, therefore
a) the volume of the liquid displaced is more than the volume of the object.
b) the mass of the object is less than the mass of the liquid
c) the density of the object is greater than the density of the liquid.
d) the density of the object is less than the density.

If you blow a stream of air between to balloons that are next to each other, the balloons
a) move randomly
b) move toward each other
c) move away from each other
d) rise

Air above an airplane wing is moving faster than air below an airplane wing. This causes the plane to
a) accelerate
b) slow down
c) increase elevation
d) decrease elevation

Fluids exert pressure because they are made up of tiny
a) particles that are buoyant
b) forces that sum together
c) molecules that push upward
d) moving molecules that exert forces

Bubbles rise in water because they are
a) fluids
b) so tiny
c) less dense than water
d) more dense than water

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