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a feature that automatically saves a document at set increments of time
a) save as
b) Save
c) autosave

the result of a computer’s processing, displayed on-screen, printed on paper, or heard through a speaker
a) input
b) result
c) output

A storage device that holds large amounts of information permanently on the computer
a) cd-rom
b) hard drive
c) RAM
d) storage device

The computer’s physical parts
a) hardware
b) hard drive
c) desktop
d) tower

a collection of related information or program code, which has been given a unique name
a) username
b) template
c) document
d) file

The graphical user interface or GUI that lets you see a mouse to interact with the workspace on the computer screen
a) hardware
b) monitor
c) desktop
d) screen

a common pointing device
a) mouse
b) laser
c) hardware
d) beam

the online identity of a person who is accessing the Internet
a) password
b) first and last name
c) digital footprint
d) username

a hardware device that receives and shows images on a screen
a) monitor
b) desktop
c) hardware
d) screen

the most common read-only optical storage device
a) hardware
b) cd-rom
c) hard drive
d) RAM

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