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What is the function of the ureter?
a) Carries urine away from the body and eliminates it.
b) Carries urine away from the kidneys.
c) Stores urine.
d) Produces urine.

What job does the kidney do?
a) Eliminates urea, excess water, and some other materials
b) Carries urine away from ureter
c) Stores urine
d) Produces urine

Where in the respiratory system does gas exchange occur?
a) in the pharynx
b) in the trachea
c) in the heart
d) in the alveoli

The dome-shaped muscle that plays an important role in breathing is the
a) bronchus.
b) larynx.
c) alveolus.
d) diaphragm.

Which chemical in tobacco smoke binds to hemoglobin, causing red blood cells to carry less than their normal load of oxygen?
a) nicotine
b) carbon monoxide
c) tar
d) nitrogen

Over time, smoking can irritate the breathing passages, which may become clogged with mucus. This condition is called
a) heart attacks.
b) emphysema.
c) lung cancer.
d) bronchitis.

Tiny filtering structures where urine is produced in the kidneys are called
a) ureters.
b) nephrons.
c) bronchi.
d) alveoli.

What is the main function of the excretory system?
a) to collect and remove wastes from the body
b) to bring oxygen to body cells
c) to strengthen skeletal muscles
d) to protect the nervous system

In which excretory organ is urea produced?
a) liver
b) lungs
c) kidneys
d) skin

What term do scientists use to describe the chemical process in which oxygen and glucose react to release energy inside body cells?
a) breathing
b) inhaling
c) exhaling
d) respiration

What is the name of the small flap of tissue that seals off the trachea during swallowing?
a) pharynx
b) alveoli
c) epiglottis
d) larynx

What function do the kidneys perform?
a) eliminate carbon dioxide
b) remove urea and excess water
c) play a role in gas exchange
d) supply oxygen to body cells

The process of removal of the body’s wastes is called
a) gas exchange.
b) respiration.
c) filtration.
d) excretion.

What produces a person’s voice?
a) the alveoli
b) the lungs
c) the diaphragm
d) the vocal cords

What is the function of the urinary bladder?
a) Carries urine away from the body and eliminates it.
b) Stores urine.
c) Carries urine away from the kidneys.
d) Produces urine.

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