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Which external characteristic provides a means of protection for a male deer throughout the year?
a) sharp hooves
b) large horns
c) swiftness
d) fierce eyes

wolves eat rabbits and other small animals. Which living organism is necessary for the existence of rabbits to continue?
a) owl
b) grass
c) frog
d) hawk

hawks and owls eat snakes. Which of the following is not necessary for the existence of snakes to continue in a food chain?
a) grass
b) seeds
c) wolves
d) mice

Which of the following shows a food chain in the correct sequence?
a) grass > gopher > snake > pig
b) grass > cricket > owl > mouse
c) flowr > sun > snake > bird
d) sun > grass > cow > mountain lion

Which animal does not share the same habitat with a brown bear, grizzly bear, and black bear?
a) squirrel
b) wolf
c) polar bear
d) owl

Which of the following describes an area where mushrooms and moss can be found?
a) on cactus plants and thorny bushes
b) in trees and on logs and rocks
c) in oceans and on beaches
d) in the polar regions near snowy areas

Why would a mountain lion have a larger habitat than a bear?
a) Bears are slower and cannot move as fast as a mountain lion.
b) Bears hunt in the fall and winter only.
c) Lions are vegetarians.
d) Mountains lions need a large area to hunt for food.

If a fire destroyed the grasses on a plain, which animal would most likely be affected?
a) coyote
b) hawk
c) snake
d) praire dog

Which one is a producer found in the tundra?
a) palm tree
b) arctic grass
c) a cactus
d) sunlight

Which animal is a predator?
a) snowy owl
b) lemming
c) caribou
d) arctic hare

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