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What is the correct sequence of the steps of cellular respiration?
a) Krebs cycle, glycolysis, fermentation
b) light dependent reactions, Calvin cycle, mitosis
c) glycolysis, Krebs cycle, ETC
d) glycolysis, Calvin cycle, ETC

Where in a mitochondrion does Krebs cycle take place?
a) thylakoid membrane
b) matrix
c) intermembrane space
d) cristae

Where in a mitochondrion does the Electron Transport Chain (ETC) take place?
a) cristae of the inner membrane
b) matrix
c) grana
d) cytoplasm

Where in the cell does glycolysis take place?
a) matrix
b) cristae of the outer membrane
c) cytoplasm
d) cuticle

Although fermentation does not directly make ATP, it allows energy to be produced by
a) providing NAD+ for glycolysis
b) providing FADH for Krebs cycle
c) providing pyruvic acid for ETC
d) providing NADH for glycolysis

Which of the following processes yields the most ATP?
a) glycolysis
b) lactic acid fermentation
c) Krebs cycle
d) cellular respiration

A process is considered _________ when oxygen is NOT present.
a) anaerobic
b) aerobic
c) acerbic
d) acetyl

If oxygen is NOT present, the cell proceeds to __________ after glycolysis.
a) fermentation
b) the Krebs cycle
c) the Calvin cycle
d) replication

Which of the following organisms will perform cellular respiration?
a) autotrophs
b) heterotrophs
c) plants
d) all of the above

In which situation is fermentation NOT used:
a) aerobic respiration
b) production of beer
c) production of yogurt
d) anaerobic respiration

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