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When a wire with a current is placed in a magnetic field,
a) electrical energy is transformed into mechanical energy.
b) the current stops.
c) the wire becomes a permanent magnet.
d) mechanical energy is transformed into electrical energy.

To reverse the direction of current in a motor, current is conducted
a) through the commutator to the armature.
b) through the brushes to the commutator.
c) in the direction of rotation.
d) through the armature.

The type of current produced by a battery is
a) direct current.
b) alternating current.
c) magnetic current.
d) induced current.

A generator transforms
a) friction into electrical energy.
b) mechanical energy into electrical energy.
c) magnetic energy into electrical energy.
d) potential energy into kinetic energy.

What is produced when there is a current in the primary coil of a transformer?
a) electric field
b) solar field
c) nuclear field
d) magnetic field

A device used to measure small currents is a(n)
a) electric motor.
b) commutator.
c) armature.
d) galvanometer.

A device that supplies the mechanical energy to turn the armature of a generator is a
a) magnet.
b) brush.
c) slip ring.
d) turbine.

You can increase the strength of an electromagnet’s field by
a) decreasing the current in the solenoid.
b) winding the coils more loosely.
c) decreasing the number of loops in the solenoid.
d) using a stronger ferromagnetic material for the core.

A coil of wire with a current is called a(n)
a) solenoid.
b) galvanometer.
c) insulator.
d) electromagnet.

An electric current produces a(n)
a) solenoid.
b) magnetic field.
c) magnet.
d) insulator.

Which is NOT a characteristic of a magnetic field produced by a current?
a) Its speed can be slowed.
b) It can be turned on and off.
c) Its strength can be changed.
d) Its direction can be reversed.

The ability to move an object over a distance is called
a) energy.
b) electricity.
c) magnetism.
d) electromagnetism.

What device transforms electrical energy into mechanical energy?
a) an electromagnet
b) a solenoid
c) a generator
d) an electric motor

In an electric motor, a commutator
a) is a magnet.
b) is directly connected to the current source.
c) is made out of dozens of wire loops wrapped around a ferromagnetic core.
d) repeatedly reverses the flow of current through the armature.

What device increases voltage?
a) step-up transformer
b) generator
c) step-down transformer
d) motor

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