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What is another name for sodium hydroxide (NaOH)
a) ammonia
b) lye
c) caustic lime
d) milk of magnesia

Carrots have a PH of 5.0, How would you describe them?
a) acidic
b) basic
c) an indicator
d) neutral

What is PH of pure water at 25 degrees celcuis?
a) 0
b) 7
c) 5
d) 14

A solution which water is the solvent is called a _______ solution.
a) aqueous
b) simple
c) complex
d) a base

A _________ dissolves in water, almost 100% of the acid molecules dissociate into ions.
a) weak acid
b) base
c) concentrated solution
d) strong acid

A substance with a PH of 14 would be considered a ?
a) strong base
b) weak base
c) strong acid
d) weak acid

The PH of a substance can be determined by using a device called ?
a) an acid meter
b) a PH meter
c) tritration
d) phaser

On a PH scale a solution with a PH of 7 is ?
a) acidic
b) basic
c) neutral
d) indicator

In an acid, blue litmus paper turns?
a) red
b) stays the same
c) green
d) none of the above

In order to carry out its functions properly the ph of blood must remain between ____ and ____?
a) 7 and 10
b) 7 and 7.8
c) 6.8 and 7
d) above 8

What term is not appropriate to use when describing solutions?
a) gaseous
b) heterogeneous
c) liquid
d) solid

What word is used to describe a solution that is 85% copper and 15% tin?
a) alloy
b) solvent
c) saturated
d) solute

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