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What is the measure of concentrations H+ ions in it?
a) Solubility
b) PH
c) Indicator
d) Saturated Solution

The substance being dissolved is called?
a) Solute
b) Solvent
c) Solution
d) Solubility

The substance doing the dissolving is called?
a) Solvent
b) Solution
c) Solute
d) PH scale

Any substance that forms hydroxide ions, OH- or substances that accept H+ ions is called?
a) Acid
b) base
c) concentration
d) indicator

Is a substance that produces hydrogen ions in a water solution
a) Acid
b) Base
c) indicator
d) saturated solution

is an organic compound that changes color in acids and bases is called?
a) concentration
b) Indicator
c) Solvent
d) Solute

Is a mixture that has the same composition, color, density and even taste throughout.
a) solution
b) solvent
c) acid
d) base

How much solute is present in a solution compared to the amount of solvent is called?
a) solubility
b) concentration
c) saturated solution
d) PH

The maximum amount of solute that can be dissolved in a given amount of solvent at a given temperature?
a) PH
b) Solubility
c) solvent
d) solute

A solution that contains all the solute it can hold at a given temperature is called?
a) saturated solution
b) dilluted solution
c) concentrated
d) solubility

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