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The name of the event in which Jewish homes and businesses were raided was
a) Anschluss
b) The Night of the Long Knives
c) The Final Solution
d) Kristallnacht

How do governments influence art and literature in nondemocratic societies?
a) Governments allow freedom of expression and design for all creators of artistic expression
b) Governments use artistic expression to attract foreign trade with nations interested in the culture
c) Citizens are commonly exposed to government sponsored art and literature in the form of propaganda
d) People are divided into labor classes, thereby allowing only certain people to create art or write literature

In the book, Night, Elie Wiesel describes his experiences in concentration camp during the
a) Holocaust
b) Hitler's violation of the Treaty of Versailles
c) Hitler's violation of the Non-Aggression Pact
d) The bombing of Pearl Harbor

In the 1940's a propaganda film made by the Nazis was showing in theaters throughout Germany. The film portrayed what group of people as the rats of nature?
a) Soviets
b) Americans
c) Jews
d) Arabs

Which statement most accurately evaluates the effectiveness of the League of Nations?
a) It was effective as evidenced by the time that lapsed between World War I and World War II
b) It was ineffective as evidenced by the relatively short time lapse between World War I and World War II
c) It was effective as evidenced by the four countries that attacked Germany in 1939
d) It was ineffective as evidenced by the outbreak of the American Revolution in 1776

After gaining independence, many Latin American countries failed to unify. What was an obstacle to their unification?
a) They lacked a common language and religion
b) They had neither social divisions nor hierarchy
c) Lack of desire by the people made it difficult to create democratic governments
d) Geography made it difficult to build an infrastructure that would bring the nations together

Napolean's invasion of Spain, divisions among social classes, the weaknesses of imperial power, a desire for independent, democratic government, and a desire for economic independence are all reasons for which of the following results?
a) anarchy
b) socialism
c) revolution
d) mutiny

How did the Industrial Revolution affect economic relationships among nations?
a) it created political alliances among nations with resources
b) it promoted a greater degree of interdependence among nations
c) it increased the standard of living for all nations
d) it generated more isolationism among nations with economic resources

According to J.A. Hobson, How did imperialism affect African societies?
a) foreigners helped the continent by finding its valuable minerals
b) foreigners took the citizens out of the country to work as slaves
c) foreigners used the most fertile land and took wealth out of the country
d) foreigners helped the continent by providing citizens with high-paying jobs

Which statement describes Romesh Dutt's view of the impact of imperialism on India?
a) Imperialism helped the people of India improve their barter system
b) Imperialism helped the people of India by modernizing and advancing their government institutions
c) Imperialism harmed the people of India by replacing their traditional culture through modernization
d) Imperialism harmed the people of India by weakening their administration

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