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During the mid-1930’s, which characteristic was common to Fascist Italy, Nazi Germany and Communist Russia?
a) Government ownership of the means of production and distribution
b) One part-system that denied basic human rights
c) Encouragement of individual freedom of expression in the arts
d) Emphasis on consumer goods rather than on weapons

Which was a characteristic of Germany under Adolf Hitler and the Soviet Union under Josef Stalin?
a) An official foreign policy of isolationism
b) Government control of the media
c) public ownership of business and industry
d) the absence of a written constitution

World War II is considered to be a turning point in history because
a) The League of Nations demonstrated that an international organization could maintain world peace
b) The war brought an end to dictatorships as a form of government
c) European domination of the world began to weaken as nationalism in colonies increased
d) Religious and ethnic differences were no longer a source of conflict between nations

Which event caused the emperor of Japan to announce that he was only human after all?
a) His overthrow by communist forces
b) defeat of the Japanese in World War II
c) Signing of the Versailles Treaty
d) Conclusion of the Russo-Japanese War

Which reform took place in Japan after World War II?
a) Japan's industrial capability was greatly reduced
b) The Emperor's position was abolished
c) Japan became a representative democracy
d) Labor Unions were declared illegal

A major factor in the economic recoveries of Japan and West Germany after World War II was their
a) desire to avoid an invasion from China
b) acceptance into the United Nations
c) ability to produce nuclear weapons
d) need to replace destroyed factories

Which is one reason the Holocaust is considered a unique event in modern European history?
a) Jews of Europe have seldom been victims of persecution
b) Civilians were rarely killed during air raids on Great Britain
c) Adolf Hitler concealed his anti-Jewish feelings until after he came to power
d) The genocide was planned in detail and required the cooperation of many people

Which statement best describes the political situation in the Soviet Union immediately after Lenin’s death in 1924?
a) The nation adopted a constitutional monarchy
b) Trotsky and his followers assumed full control of the Communist Party
c) Popular elections were held to choose a new general secretary
d) A power struggle developed among Communist party leaders

Which best describes The Night of the Long Knives?
a) Hitler's purge and murders of the SA generals include Ernest Roehm
b) The night Nazi thugs in Germany smashed Jewish business and property
c) The Nazi plan to exterminate the Jewish people
d) The Nazi plan to invade Austria

Why did Hitler sign a Non-Aggression Pact with Soviet Union
a) to officially declare his support for Communism
b) he wanted to avoid fighting a two-front war
c) he hoped the Soviets would join him in his plan to bomb Pearl Harbor
d) to solicit Soviet support in his quest to exterminate the Jews

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