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A pair of scissors was measured to have a mass of 40 grams. The volume of these scissors was 20 ml. What is the density of these scissors?
a) 20 g/ml
b) 2 g/ml
c) 20 ml/g
d) 2 ml/g

What is the density of a metal that has a mass of 36 grams and a volume of 3 ml?
a) 12 g/ml
b) 33 g/ml
c) 12 ml/g
d) 33 ml/g

The mass of the chair is 75 grams. The chair also has a volume of 5 ml. What is the density of the chair?
a) 15 ml/g
b) 80 g/ml
c) 15 g/ml
d) 70 g/ml

The volume of an unknown substance is 35 ml. The mass of the substance is 350 grams. What is the name of this substance?
a) Kryptonite 95 g/ml
b) Cotton Candy 3 g/ml
c) Human Bone 10 g/ml
d) Ear Wax 5 g/ml

What are the units for density?
a) ml/g
b) ml x g
c) g/ml
d) grams

What is the density of a rock that has a mass of 50 grams and a volume of 5 ml?
a) 55 g/ml
b) 15 g/ml
c) 10 g/ml
d) 250 g/ml

A scientist found a shiny piece of metal. The mass of the metal is 225 grams and the volume of the metal is 25 ml. What is the density of the metal?
a) 250 g/ml
b) 9 g/ml
c) 200 g/ml
d) 25 g/ml

What is the formula for density?
a) D = v / m
b) D = v x m
c) D = m / v
d) D = m - v

A rock has a mass of 24 grams and a volume of 12 ml. What is the rock's density?
a) 36 g/ml
b) 12 g/ml
c) 24 g/ml
d) 2 g/ml

A baseball has a mass of 45 grams. The volume of this baseball is 4 ml. What is the density of this baseball?
a) 11.25 ml/g
b) 11.25 ml
c) 11.25 g
d) 11.25 g/ml

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