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When performing brake repair, some OSHA-approved method of protection must be used for protection against what tiny particles because they are cancer-causing?
a) steel
b) dirt
c) asbestos
d) rust

Dispose of used oil filters by
a) throwing them in a trash container
b) burning them in an incinerator
c) burying them behind the building
d) draining, crushing, and recycling them

Used tires should be disposed of by
a) returning them to a state approved retreader
b) throwing them into a garbage dumpster
c) burying them in a landfill
d) burning them in an incinerator

Diamond shaped signs indicate
a) warning signs
b) stop signs
c) railroad crossings
d) safety hazards

When you are using an engine hoist to life a complete long block, where should the lifting boom be located?
a) even with or before then ends of the front legs
b) out past the ends of the front legs
c) on the left of the front legs
d) on the right of the back legs

When extinguishing a gasoline type fire, you should direct the fire extinguisher at the
a) general direction of the fire
b) outer circumference of the fire
c) base of the flames
d) top of the flames

Before using a 2-post lift, make sure that
a) the floor is dry
b) the tool box is closed
c) the pads are in place
d) the wheels are checked

When using a hydraulic press, always make sure the pressure is being applied in a safe manner and
a) stand in front of the object being pressed
b) stand to the side and wear safety glasses
c) hold the object being pressed with your hands
d) close your eyes and hope for the best

Which of the following is a dangerous health hazard when repairing automotive break systems?
a) asbestos dust
b) brake fluid
c) brake lining
d) compressed air

The certification that is nationally recognized in the auto industry is:
a) ABE
b) SAE
c) ASE
d) ASA

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