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a) a written statement confirmed by oath or affirmation.
b) wrong
c) someone who does right
d) none of the above

a) harmful to someone or something
b) not harmful to others
c) release of a prisoner
d) a measurement

a) a measure to protect someone
b) not certain
c) relevant to a particular matter
d) done incorrectly

a) deduce or conclude
b) assert or confirm
c) none of the above
d) not certain

a) not certain
b) educated guess
c) deduce or conclude info from evidence and reasoning rather than from statements.
d) harmful

a) a written statement
b) assert or confirm
c) relating to ordinary citizens
d) relevant to a particular matter

a) someone who does right
b) someone who does wrong
c) protecting someone
d) none of the above

a) relating to ordinary citizens and their concerns
b) education
c) a written statement
d) a prison sentence

a) a measure to protect someone
b) relevant
c) not relevant
d) none of the above

a) release of a prisoner before end of the sentence
b) a prison sentence
c) a type of jewelry
d) none of the above

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