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A business that forms a partnership with another online business and refers customers for a fee.
a) Web affiliate
b) Web distributor
c) Intermediary
d) Channel of Distribution

When a company focuses on a single product or service to make it the best in its field.
a) Stand-alone programs
b) Best-of-Breed
c) Hosted E-CRM
d) Cybermediary

A company that combines and offers for distribution a number of products or services from a variety of manufacturers.
a) Enterprise resource planning
b) Web distributor
c) Distribution
d) Aggregator

A member of the Internet channel of distribution that helps move products from the manufacturer to the consumer or industrial user.
a) Intermediary
b) Cybermediary
c) Stand- alone programs
d) Hosted E-CRM

Sells good or services from a manufacturer on a wholesale basis.
a) Distribution
b) Channel of distribution
c) Web distributor
d) Web affiliate

Focused mainly on financial and human resource applications.
a) Enterprise resource planning
b) Electronic customer relationship management
c) Best-of- Breed
d) Aggregator

Early types of E-CRM
a) Cybermediary
b) Hosted E-CRM
c) Stand-alone programs
d) Intermediary

The cornerstone of good service in an online business.
a) Electronic customer relationship
b) Enterprise resource planning
c) Web distributor
d) Aggregator

The path a product takes from producer or manufacturer to the end user
a) Web affiliate
b) Stand- alone programs
c) Hosted E-CRM
d) Channel of distribution

A business that acts as a third party or go-between in moving products from the manufacturer to the end user.
a) Channel of distribution
b) Electronic customer relationship management
c) Intermediary
d) Distribution

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