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Why were crazy ants a problem in Biosphere 2?
a) Clogged vents and invaded other ant colonies
b) Took up too much carbon dioxide
c) Took up too much oxygen

What is the major issue concerning Mono Lake?
a) Brine flies are being eaten
b) Coyotes eating chick eggs
c) Too many animals
d) Water level is continuing to lower

What are the main problems that Biosphere 2 had?
a) Crazy Ants and Water Supply
b) Plants and Crazy Ants
c) Crazy Ants and Microbes in the soil
d) Temperatures and Water

An organism that eats other organisms.
a) Consumer
b) Producer
c) Ecosystem
d) Food Chain

The sequence of organisms that eat one another.
a) Food Web
b) Producer
c) Ecosystem
d) Food Chain

An organism that is able to produce its own food through photosynthesis.
a) Decomposer
b) Producer
c) Bacteria
d) Consumer

Microorganisms that break down or consumes dead organisms.
a) Producer
b) Consumer
c) Decomposer
d) Ecosystem

All the feeding relationships in an ecosystem.
a) Food Web
b) Producer
c) Consumer
d) Food Chain

A web of interactions and changes in mini ecosystems over time
a) Decomposer
b) Ecosystem
c) Food Web
d) Consumer

What problem were the Microbes in the soil causing?
a) Invading other microbes
b) Using too much oxygen

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