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Continental Drift Theory
a) Theory that states that the earth's continents are slowly drifting apart
b) theory that states that the continents are on plates that are slowly drifting apart
c) continents are on plates
d) continents are being pushed by the water of the ocean

Layer of the earth where the plates are located
a) crust
b) asthenosphere
c) lithosphere
d) mantle

a) force that pushes things together
b) force that grinds things as they slide past each other
c) force that pulls things apart
d) force that causes objects to be squeezed in the middle

Wave to arrive first during an earthquake
a) p-waves
b) s-waves
c) tsunami
d) liquefaction waves

Wave that has an up and down or side to side motion
a) p-wave
b) s-wave
c) tsunami
d) liquefaction

Point in the earth where the rock actually breaks during an earthquake
a) epicenter
b) focus
c) asthenosphere
d) pangaea

Plate boundary associated with a normal fault
a) convergent
b) transform
c) divergent
d) subduction

Plate boundary associated with shearing
a) convergent
b) divergent
c) transform
d) subduction

Heat transfer by direct contact
a) convection
b) radiation
c) conduction
d) subduction

layer that the plates of the earth move on
a) asthenosphere
b) lithosphere
c) crust
d) outer core

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