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Pertaining to below the skin
a) epidermis
b) hyperdermata
c) hypodermic
d) intradermal

a) excessive sweating
b) excessive oily discharge
c) abnormal condition of excessive sweating
d) pertaining to excessive sweating

Surgical repair of wrinkles...
a) Ichthyoplasty
b) rhytidoplasty
c) hidroplasty
d) onychoplasty

a) pertaining to abnormal skin
b) abnormal condition of skin
c) within the skin inflammation
d) skin inflammation

instrument used to cut the skin
a) dermatome
b) xerodermitis
c) dermomalacia
d) dermatologist

oily discharge...
a) pyokeratosis
b) seboderma
c) leukorrhea
d) seborrhea

a) abnormal condition of hair fungus
b) abnormal condition of oily pus
c) inflammation of hair and nails
d) abnormal condition of oily skin

dry skin
a) xeroderma
b) ichthyopyorrhea
c) necrosis
d) scleritis

a) abnormal condition of fat
b) inflammation of red skin
c) abnormal condition of blue
d) scaly skin

pertaining to below the skin
a) subcutaneous
b) hypotrichosis
c) dermatitis
d) epidermal

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