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Which industry is NOT important in the southeast?
a) Cotton
b) Lumber, or wood for houses and other building
c) Ranching
d) Paper

Which dangerous weather are you LEAST likely to experience in the southeast?
a) Blizzard
b) Tornado
c) Flood
d) Hurricane

Which is a product of agriculture?
a) Coal
b) Oranges
c) Furniture
d) Electricity

Which is NOT a crop that needs a long growing season?
a) Rice
b) Cotton
c) Corn
d) Peanuts

Which of the following is not a natural resource?
a) Coal
b) Forest
c) Furniture
d) Natural gas

People built along the fall line because
a) it produces power for factories.
b) it beautiful.
c) ships can go up the hill there.
d) it is a good place for farming.

In the Southeast Region the Piedmont is
a) a capital city.
b) a racetrack.
c) a high mountain peak.
d) the foothills at the base of the Appalachian Mountains.

The fall line is
a) a coastline.
b) a steep place with a lot of waterfalls and rapids.
c) a city.
d) a factory.

Many large cities began in the southeast because of a trading zone along
a) of the Appalachian Mountains.
b) of the coast.
c) of coal mines.
d) of the fall line.

What are foothills?
a) Hills for hiking
b) Mountains
c) Small, rolling elevated landforms
d) Floodplains

Increased elevation in the southeast affects life by
a) making the weather hotter
b) making travel more difficult
c) making more natural resources
d) making more money

What is an industry?
a) Cotton
b) An island in the Atlantic Ocean
c) A waterfall in the Piedmont
d) A group of businesses that support the production of a specific product such as oranges or paper.

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