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to the event is free. ___________, there is a charge for parking.
a) However
b) Additionally
c) Because
d) For example

My sister’s small stuffed animal was placed in the trash by accident. (Because / Therefore) she began to scream, cry and throw a tantrum.
a) Because
b) Although
c) While
d) Therefore

My grandma Elvira has trouble walking long distances. ____________, my dad always tries to find the closest parking space when he takes her out to run errands.
a) Nevertheless
b) However
c) As a result
d) Because

My sister is an extremely calm person. _________, she stayed very cool and collected when our dog, Lacy, stepped in broken glass and had to be taken to the vet.
a) For example
b) And
c) However
d) But

Tim got over the flu much faster than he thought he would. _____________, he was able to go on the camping trip with his friends after all.
a) However
b) If
c) Consequently
d) Like

opportunities in technology fields have gone up dramatically in recent months. __________ the medical profession is also seeing a rise in the number of job openings.
a) Then
b) Otherwise
c) Also
d) For example

Lindsey loves group sports and is involved in basketball, volleyball, and softball._______________ ,Lila prefers individual indoor activities such as reading, drawing, and writing.
a) In other words
b) Next
c) Also
d) Unlike

The red car has the fewest miles on it of any car on the lot. ______________, its interior is in practically brand new condition.
a) But
b) However
c) In addition
d) Next

First you have to boil a pot of water. ________ you can cook the pasta.
a) Then
b) Although
c) But
d) However

Donna told Isabella all about her family reunion. ____________, Isabella yawned behind her hand.
a) Therefore
b) For instance
c) Meanwhile
d) If

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