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Marie and Joe was playing on their computers while they talked on the phone.
a) A. Change their to there
b) B. Change was to were
c) C. Insert a comma after computers
d) D. Make no change

I cleaned my brothers room and then worked on my project for school.
a) A. Insert a comma after room
b) B. Change brothers to brother’s
c) C. Change cleaned to clean
d) D. Make no change

My mom stated “It’s too late for you to be going to your friend’s house tonight.”
a) A. Change too to to
b) B. Change It’s to Its
c) C. Change your to you’re
d) D. Insert a comma after stated

After the girls turned in their final project they went to Sonic to celebrate.
a) A. Insert a comma after project
b) B. Change their to there
c) C. Change Sonic to sonic
d) D. Make no change

We divided the assignment between the four of us, but it’s still going to take a lot of time to complete it.
a) A. Delete the comma after us
b) B. Change it’s to its
c) C. Change four to for
d) D. Make no change

The puppies are only two weeks old so they still need their mom.
a) A. Insert a comma after old
b) B. Change two to to
c) C. Change puppies to puppys
d) D. Change are to is

When I get home, my dog licked my face and wagged his tail.
a) A. Delete the comma after home
b) B. Insert a comma after face
c) C. Change get to got
d) D. Make no change

Because there was a lot of tasty food at the party, I ate to much.
a) A. Change was to were
b) B. Change a lot to alot
c) C. Change to to too
d) D. Delete the comma after party

“Didn’t you’re mom come to school and sit in class with you?” asked Phillip.
a) A. Change you’re to your
b) B. Insert a comma after school
c) C. Change the question mark to a comma
d) D. Change asked to Asked

My brother and me walked to school because we missed the bus.
a) A. Insert a comma after school
b) B. Change to to two
c) C. Change me to I
d) D. Make no change

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