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Leslie stated, “I can’t believe your mom made you mow the lawn this weekend.”
a) Change your to you’re
b) Change mom to Mom
c) Delete the comma after stated
d) Make no change

The dog followed John and I to the back door, but he wouldn’t go outside in the rain.
a) Delete the comma after door
b) Change I to me
c) Change dog to Dog
d) Make no change

Because they’re were too many students in line at the store, I decided to leave without buying anything.
a) A. Change they’re to there
b) B. Change too to to
c) C. Delete the comma after store
d) D. Change decided to decide

The doctor said alot of people were sick, but he couldn’t give them any medicine.
a) A. Change doctor to Doctor
b) B. Change alot to a lot
c) C. Delete the comma after sick
d) D. Make no change

I think it’s going to be cold outside so I’m going to wear a coat to school.
a) A. Insert a comma after outside
b) B. Change it’s to its
c) C. Change wear to where
d) D. Make no change

If they’re late to class, they will recieve a tardy from the teacher.
a) A. Change they’re to there
b) B. Delete the comma after class
c) C. Change recieve to receive
d) D. Change teacher to Teacher

Kim said “I need to buy some new shoes because mine have a hole in them.”
a) A. Insert a comma before because
b) B. Delete the quotation marks after them
c) C. Change hole to whole
d) D. Insert a comma after said

I really wanted to eat a apple, but we didn’t have any in the kitchen.
a) A. Change wanted to want
b) B. Delete the comma after apple
c) C. Change a to an
d) D. Change any to none

The new cell phones was really cool, but they cost too much money to buy.
a) A. Change was to were
b) B. Change phones to phone’s
c) C. Delete the comma after cool
d) D. Change buy to by

The students were listening to the teacher, and taking notes as she talked.
a) A. Change teacher to Teacher
b) B. Delete the comma after teacher
c) C. Change were to we’re
d) D. Change students to student’s

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