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How are Elements arranged on the Periodic Table
a) Atomic Number
b) Atomic Mass
c) Number of Neutrons
d) Alphabetical Order

Vertical Columns that all elements have similar properties
a) Periods
b) Groups
c) Valence
d) Reactivity

Electron clouds where electrons are located around the nucleus
a) Periods
b) Groups
c) Energy Levels
d) Valence Electrons

The number of electrons on the outermost energy level
a) Groups
b) Period
c) Energy Level
d) Valance Electrons

Tells how many protons are in the nucleus
a) Atomic Number
b) Atomic Mass
c) Groups
d) Periods

Average mass of the atom's nucleus which is made of Protons and Neutrons
a) Atomic Number
b) Atomic Mass
c) Groups
d) Periods

Decreases from left to right until you get to the stair step
a) Reactivity
b) Noble Gases
c) Period
d) Group

Not naturally reactive with other elements
a) Noble Gases
b) Electrons
c) Protons
d) Neutrons

Shiny most malleable and conduct heat
a) Metals
b) Non Metals
c) Noble Gases
d) Metalloids

Have some properties of metals and non-metals
a) Noble Gases
b) Metalloids
c) Alkail Metals
d) Carbon Family

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