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Monet is trapped in Winterfell, Tom Hittleston has to rescue her with this math problem. (12(999-333)-92)/79-59+38
a) 79
b) 80
c) 69
d) 666

Cheyenne and Playstationeshia wage war on Melisandre and her Night terrors. When they win they take R'hllor gold which has a value of (5^2(98-89)-3)3
a) 678
b) Twerking for Jesus
c) 666
d) Not here

Aleksandra Lannister kill Monet Stark. So Bran ate that body. But first he had to measured her head. the radius is 4inches. What is the diameter?
a) 8
b) 1
c) 2
d) 6

Tre Melvin and Tom Hittleston got in a fight over Monet and her ramen noodles, and grape kool aid. The fighting arena was 10 by 3.14 was is the area
a) 31.4 squared
b) Kill Joffery and Grey
c) money on my mind throw it up thow it up
d) 314.15 squared

Hodor and Jubilee have a baby. It was born on D-day which is 12+45+43
a) 23
b) 100
c) Game of Thrones
d) 345

Jubilee and Cheyenne break in to a fight and Mr. Johnson scream and ran away and came back later. Their was this problem to help locate Jubilee's body: 45+98+56+9-9
a) 565
b) 190
c) 199
d) 208

Cheyenne and Cersei Lannister have a Nae nae contest . the reward equals : 5+5+9
a) 19
b) 12
c) -19
d) 5

a) 30
b) 45
c) 25
d) 1234

a) 1254
b) 1234
c) 4311
d) 3456

a) Equals two!
b) 3
c) 6
d) 8

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