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The teachers classroom was very hot because the air conditioner stopped working.
a) Insert a comma after hot
b) Change teachers to teacher’s
c) Change was to were
d) Make no change

“After I go to their house, I am going to go play soccer in the park” stated Marie.
a) Change park to Park
b) Change their to there
c) Insert a comma after park
d) Make no change

Sam and Joe was watching a boring movie, so they decided to turn it off and play video games.
a) Insert a comma after off
b) Change was to were
c) Delete the comma after movie
d) Change play to played

The dogs were to tired to go on a walk, for they had spent the day playing ball in the park.
a) Change to to too
b) Change dogs to dogs’
c) Delete the comma after walk
d) Make no change

The students at kahla middle school work hard because they know they are preparing for their future.
a) Change their to there
b) Change know to no
c) Change kahla middle school to Kahla Middle School
d) Change students to student's

“Does anyone need to stop at they’re locker on the way to the library?” asked Mrs. Phillips.
a) Change anyone to any one
b) Change the question mark to a comma
c) Change asked to Asked
d) Change they’re to their

My mom let my sister and I pick where we wanted to eat for dinner, so we chose to eat at Olive Garden.
a) Change my sister and I to my sister and me
b) Delete the comma after dinner
c) Change chose to choose
d) Make no change

Since I was grounded from talking on the phone, I didn’t have nothing to do on Friday night.
a) Change to to too
b) Make no change
c) Delete the comma after phone
d) Change nothing to anything

I want to have a friend that will hang out with me on the weekend laugh at my jokes, and listen to me when I talk.
a) Insert a comma after weekend
b) Change friend to freind
c) Make no change
d) Delete the comma after jokes

Its going to be a long day at school because I have to take a lot of tests.
a) Insert a comma after school
b) Change a lot to alot
c) Change Its to It’s
d) Make no change

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