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People who are 35 have red bone barrow
a) True
b) False

This function in the muscular system helps in keeping a person standing upright.
a) Thermogenesis
b) Movement
c) Posture

Sweat glands are located everywhere besides the..
a) arm pits
b) nipples
c) Nipple and publc regions
d) toes

Which clinical disorder did Rocky Dennis display?
a) Acrometaly
b) Acromeshaly
c) Agromegaly
d) Acromegaly

The skeletal bone that assists in chewing is called?
a) Phalanges
b) Mandible
c) Carpal
d) Sternum

The stomach is classified as ...
a) An involuntary muscle
b) A voluntary muscles
c) Cardiac muscle
d) Skeletal muscle

How many bones ae in a Infant skeleton
a) Less than 206
b) 206
c) More than 206
d) None of the above

The Dermis is avascular because...
a) It is the second layer
b) It does not have blood vessels
c) It is the first layer
d) It has blood vessels

Do all people have the same number/amount of Melanocyctes?
a) No
b) Yes

Which fracture results in the bone coming out of the skin?
a) Closed
b) Comminuted
c) Open
d) Greenstick

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