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Which of these treaties DID NOT deal with American neutrality?
a) Jay Treaty
b) Pickneys Treaty
c) Declaration of Neutrality
d) Treaty of Versialles

George Washington's Foriegn Policy revolved around _____________?
a) Neutrality
b) War
c) Giving Help to Other Countries
d) Ruling the World

Which of the following was NOT a cause of The War of 1812
a) Trade Disputes
b) Impressment
c) Warhawks
d) The Cotton Gin

The Monroe Doctorine established everything except?
a) The American continents should not be considered for future colonization by any European powers
b) Nations in the Western Hemisphere were inherently different from those of Europe
c) The United States would not interfere in European affairs
d) The president gets to choose who he wants in his cabinet

How did the invention of the cotton gin increase the need for slavery in the south?
a) Cotton production increased
b) Less land was needed for growing cotton
c) The cotton gin replaced the need for laborers
d) Slaves were used to produce the new cotton-sorting machines

Canals and Railroads helped _____________?
a) growth in the country's industrial economy
b) more people moved to the United States from Asia and Europe
c) Canals allowed for the cheapest way to move things from East Coast to California
d) Cities and towns become town down to make room

In 1846 The United States signed a treaty with Great Britian giving them the ______________?
a) The Arizona Territory
b) The Nebraska Territory
c) The Louisiana Territory
d) The Oregon Territory

Manifest Destiny revolved around the idea that?
a) States rights are better then national rights
b) Native Americans should be full citizens of the United States
c) We should spead democracy across the entire continent
d) We need to better educate our people

What happened to American Indians during the Western expansion?
a) American indians were able to defeat soldiers in battle and prevented many settles from moving west
b) American Indians were repeatedly defeated in violent conflicts with settlers and soldiers
c) Many American Indian tribes were able to retain their ancestral homelands on the east coast as settlers moved west
d) Several American Indian tribes formed a military alliance and were able to force settlers to give up their land claims

Where did the Trail of Tears force American Indians to Move?
a) The northern areas of the Great Plains
b) The state of Florida
c) The Oregon Territory
d) To an area in Present-day Oklahoma

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