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Which of the following best represents acceleration as presented on a graph?
a) speed change vs. time
b) velocity change vs. time
c) motion change vs. time
d) distance change vs. time

the speed of an object in a certain direction
a) speed
b) acceleration
c) velocity
d) motion

change in position relative to a reference point
a) motion
b) speed
c) velocity
d) acceleration

Which of the following are two factors that determine speed?
a) motion and time
b) acceleratioin and time
c) distance and time
d) velocity and time

the distance an object moved over the time in which the motion took place
a) speed
b) motion
c) velocity
d) acceleration

Which of the following explains the difference between speed and velocity?
a) velocity has motion, and speed does not
b) velocity involves acceleration, and speed does not
c) velocity has direction, and speed does not
d) velocity involves time, and speed does not

the rate of velocity change over time
a) speed
b) acceleration
c) motion
d) velocity

Which of the following most closely illustrates motion by relating it to a reference point?
a) the distance a race car traveled relative to the time of travel
b) the speed of a bicycle relative to the direction of travel
c) the speed of a bicycle relative to the time of travel
d) hand of a clock relative to the numbers on a clock

There are two Newton laws
a) False
b) True

The laws of motion include
a) inertia
b) acceleration
c) action and reaction
d) all of the above

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