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Radio  and  television  programming  fall  under  the  control  of  the
a) Federal  Communications  Commission
b) Federal  Trade  Commission
c) Social  Security  Agency
d) Environmental  Protection  Agency

What  statement  best  explains  why  the  government  provides  goods  and  services  to  its   citizens?
a) To  compete  with  businesses  in  the  private  sector.
b) To  provide  goods  and  services  that  would  not  be  available  if  individuals  had  to  provide  them.
c) To  make  a  large  profit  by  providing  certain  goods  and  services  to  it's  citizens.
d) To  provide  benefits  to  small  groups  of  people  in  certain  areas  of  the  country.

The  government  enforces  antitrust  laws  in  order  to
a) promote  monopolies
b) promote  competition
c) create  private  services
d) create  government  services

What  do  financial  institutions  do  with  your  deposits?
a) Put  it  in  their  vault
b) Place  it  in  other  banks  for  safe  keeping
c) Keep  it  in  security  boxes
d) Make  loans

The  acronym  EPA  represents  the
a) Energy  Protection  Agency
b) Energy  and  Petroleum  Agency
c) Environmental  Protection  Agency
d) Environmental  Permission  Agency

How  do  financial  institutions  obtain  funds  to  give  loans  to  consumers?
a) Customers  deposit  money  into  the  financial  institutions.
b) The  Federal  Reserve  makes  more  money  for  financial  institutions  to  loan.
c) Local  governments  give  tax  revenues  to  the  financial  institutions.
d) Government  agencies  loan  money  to  the  financial  institutions.

Savings and Loans, Credit Unions, and Banks are known as?
a) Economic systems
b) Business ownerships
c) Economic Flow
d) Private financial institutions

In  the  United  States  economy,  what  do  consumers  buy  from  businesses?
a) Interest
b) Goods and services
c) Taxes
d) Resources

In  the  United  States  economy,  there  is  a  circular  flow  of  what  three  things  between   households,  businesses,  and  markets?
a) Resources,  goods,  and  services
b) Resources,  goods,  and  interest
c) Resources,  stocks,  and  bonds
d) Resources,  dividends,  and  taxes

Some  of  the  profits  a  business  makes  are  often  used  to  buy  more
a) interest
b) taxes
c) resources
d) goods and services

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