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A community of organisms and their abiotic, or nonliving, environment.
a) Ecosystem
b) Biome
c) Habitat
d) Freshwater

The wetland ecosystem in which shrubs and trees grow
a) Biome
b) Bog
c) Swamp
d) Wetland

A treeless wetland ecosystem where plants such as grasses grow
a) Marsh
b) Swamp
c) Wetland
d) Bog

The number and variety of organisms in a given area during a specific period of time.
a) Ecodiversity
b) Diversity
c) Biodiversity
d) Freshdiversity

______________ is the place or environment where a plant or animal naturally or normally lives and grows
a) Home
b) Habitat
c) Species
d) Ecosystem

A large region characterized by a specific type of climate and certain types of plant and animal communities
a) Habitat
b) Biodiversity
c) Ecosystem
d) Biome

__________ are bodies of water moving in one direction
a) ponds
b) lakes
c) oceans
d) rivers

A ___________ is a group of organisms that are closely related and can mate to produce fertile offspring.
a) Species
b) habitat
c) salinity
d) all of the above

_____________ is a triangular diagram that shows an ecosystem's loss of energy,
a) Venn Diagram
b) Histogram
c) Energy Pyramid
d) Food Pyramid

A fresh water biome is defined as
a) having a salt concentration less than 1 percent
b) having a salt concentration above 5 percent
c) water systems that can support life
d) water systems that are clear

Any animal that preys upon another animal is called
a) unlucky
b) predator
c) scavenger
d) decomposer

An area of land that is periodically under water or whose soil contains a great deal of moisture
a) Wetland
b) Bog
c) Swamp
d) Biome

The freshwater biome includes all of the following except?
a) rivers
b) streams
c) wetlands
d) oceans

What is the beginning of a river called?
a) mouth
b) source
c) beginning
d) end

How do rivers form?
a) They begin when streams begin to combine and flow together
b) They never form
c) They form in the summer when it rains
d) They form from a wetland draining

What are two factors that characterize a biome?
a) Open and Deep
b) Biotic and dead things
c) Biotic and abiotic factors
d) nothing makes a biome special

How does a lake become a forest over time?
a) They cannot it is impossible
b) All the water evaporates
c) Sediments settle to the bottom slowly filling up the lake with dead and decaying matter
d) Humans build them

What are the 3 zones of a lake?
a) open, closed, littoral
b) open, littoral, deep
c) open, closed, open
d) None of the above

A major abiotic factor in freshwater ecosystems is the _________________.
a) speed of water
b) color of water
c) animals in the water
d) plants in the water

The zone of a lake or pond below the open-water zone, where no light reaches.
a) Ozone
b) Deep Water Zone
c) Open Water Zone
d) Littoral Zone

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