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Crustaceans have a keen sense of
a) touch
b) site
c) smell
d) hearing

Why are copepods important to the ocean food web
a) They eat small plankton organisms and are eaten by other planktonic organisms
b) They provide a habitat for small planktonic animals
c) They eat larege plankton organisms and are eaten by other larger planktonic organisms

What is a difference between the cephalothorax and the abdomen of the crayfish
a) The cephalothorax has more segments than the abdomen
b) The segments of the cephalothorax include the walking legs and the segments of the abdomen include the swimmerettes
c) The abdomen is flexible and the cephalothorax is not
d) All of the answers are correct

What is the function of the carapace on the crayfish
a) protects the brain
b) protects the gills
c) protects the sex organs
d) protects the stomach

A crayfish has a hard endoskelton that covers its entire body
a) False
b) True

Krill are crustaceans
a) True
b) False

What do krill feed on?
a) microscopic nekton
b) microscopic plankton

What do krill form that can exceed 100 million tons of biomas
a) swarms
b) pods
c) groups
d) families

Who will win the UNC v Villanova game on Saturday?
a) Villanova
b) UNC Ch

What external anatomy must you be able to identify on a diagram?
a) rostrum, cheliped, carapace
b) walking legs, swimmerettes, antennae and antennules
c) uropod, anus, telson
d) All of the above

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