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What are the tiny building blocks of EVERYTHING?
a) Elements
b) Atoms
c) Molecules
d) Cotton

Which of the following is not one of the three types of particles?
a) protons
b) wires
c) electrons
d) neutrons

What type of charge do neutrons have?
a) negagive
b) positive
c) neutral
d) electro-negative

Static electricity builds up when ______ and ______ charges are no longer balanced.
a) positive and neutral
b) electronegative and negative
c) neutral and negative
d) positive and negative

What does 'balanced charges' mean?
a) There are more negative particles than positive particles.
b) There are more positive particles than neutral particles.
c) There are the same number of positive and negative particles.
d) There are less negative particles than positive charges.

A ___________ is a type of material through which an electric charge can flow through easily.
a) Insulator
b) Conductor
c) Rubber
d) Element

One example of a insulator is a ________.
a) Pencil Eraser
b) Water
c) Lead of a pencil (grapite)
d) Gold

A material through which an electric charge moves with difficulty (does not flow through easily) is called?
a) Conductor
b) Atoms
c) Insulator
d) Molecules

Suppose you have a set of lights that are wired in a parallel circuit. What will happen to the circuit if one of the bulbs burn out (stops working)?
a) The circuit will not work.
b) All the other bulbs will still light up.

A circuit with at least one break is called a ______ circuit.
a) Closed
b) Complete
c) Detached
d) Open

A circuit with no break is called a ______ circuit.
a) Complete
b) Open
c) Broken
d) Faulty

Name the four parts of a circuit.
a) think carefully
b) think carefully
c) think carefully
d) think carefully

What is the difference between an open circuit and an open circuit?
a) think carefully
b) think carefully
c) think carefully
d) think carefully

In a _____________ circuit, the electric charge can flow in only one circular path.
a) open
b) closed
c) parallel
d) series

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