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Founder of the Han dynasty
a) Liu Bang
b) Qin Shihuangdi
c) Silk Road
d) Han Wudi

his name means Martial Emperor of Han
a) Han Wudi
b) Qin Shihuangdi
c) Liu Bang
d) acupuncture

his name means The First Qin Emperor
a) Qin Shihuangdi
b) Liu Bang
c) Han Wudi
d) Silk Road

eases pain through the use of needles stuck into the paient's skin
a) acupuncture
b) Silk Road
c) Liu Bang
d) Qin Shihuangdi

network of trade routes for Chinese goods as far as Greece and Rome
a) Silk Road
b) acupuncture
c) Liu Bang
d) Han Wudi

Qin Shihuangdi based his rule on what philosophy?
a) Legalism
b) Daoism
c) Confucianism
d) social class

The Great Wall of China was build using the labor of which group?
a) farmers
b) soldiers
c) aristocrats
d) nomads

This Chinese invention allowed ships to move their sails and to sail into the wind for the first time.
a) rudder
b) steering wheel
c) compass
d) sextant

The Silk Road stretched _____ miles from western China to Southeast Asia
a) 4,000
b) 2,000
c) 6,436
d) 1,782

Buddhism spread during unrest in China after the fall of the _____ dynasty
a) Han
b) Qin
c) Zhou
d) Shang

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