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What prediction did John Brown make about slavery?
a) That the crime of slavery would only end in bloodshed and war
b) that LIncoln would sign a proclamation to end slavery
c) that the south would willingly free enslaved workers
d) that this rebellion would end slavery

What did Abraham Lincoln and Jefferson Davis have in common?
a) both were born in log cabins and Kentucky
b) both believed that the Union must be saved
c) both believed in states' rights
d) both agreed that slavery must be abolished

What was one reason why England did not support the Confederate cause?
a) England would not join a slave nation in a war against a free nation
b) England knew the South would lose the war
c) England feared France would join the war on the side of the North
d) England had entered the war on the side of the North

What was one reason to keep Maryland in the Union?
a) to provide a supply route down the MIssissippi River
b) to keep Maryland's plantation workers enslaved
c) to show that not all slave states wanted to join the Confederacy
d) to prevent the nation's capital from being surrouded by COnfederate states

What did the South use to slip past the Union fleet?
a) unsinkable ironclad riverboats
b) powerful warships
c) small rowboats and canoes
d) swift blockade-runners

What did Lincoln promise in his first inaugural address?
a) the immediate emancipation of all slaves
b) the end of slavery in the Southern states
c) wages for enslaved workers
d) slavery would be left alone in the Southern slave states

What was one purpose of the Northern blockade
a) to keep ships and supplies from reaching southern coastal cities
b) to split the Southern states into two sections
c) to keep Confederate armies from reaching the battlefields
d) to increase the price of Southern cotton in Europe

What did 7 Southern states do because of the election of Abraham Lincoln?
a) they declared war on the United States
b) they fired on Fort Sumter
c) they seceded from the union
d) they attacked Northern troops at Manssas

After escaping slavery, what did Harriet Tubman do?
a) she wrote a book that told about the evils of slavery
b) She returned south to lead her family and others to freedom
c) she recruited black solderis for the southern armies
d) she operated a safe house in Maryalnd for escaping slaves

Why did Joh Brown attack Harpers Ferry?
a) he needed muskets from the government arsenal
b) the town had a large slave population
c) freed slaves could escape on the B and O Railroad after his raid
d) The town would be easy to defend against slaveholders

Who believed that states had the Constitutional right to leave the union if the government was not fairly representing them?
a) abolitionists
b) republicans
c) unionists
d) secessionists

Which of the following was NOT an advantage of the North in winning the war?
a) more men
b) more industry
c) more food and supplies
d) more skilled outdoorsmen

What did Lincoln say in his house divided against itself speech?
a) the South had to be defeated and made to rejoin the Union
b) slavery was morally wrong and South should be punished
c) the only democracy in th world would fail if the Northern and Southern states separated
d) slavery was like a house divided against itself

Lincoln wanted a general who would push south to capture what city?
a) Manassas, an important railroad center
b) Atlanta, a supply depot
c) Washington, the United States capital
d) Richmond, the Confederate capital

Why was John Brown considered a martyr by some abolitionists?
a) He died tryig to end slavery
b) He died while leading a successful slave revolt
c) He died in an accident on the Underground Railroad
d) He died bringing a group of slaves to freedom in the North

Who became the first president of the Confederate States of America?
a) Jefferson Davis
b) Robert E. Lee
c) John C. Calhoun
d) Stonewall Jackson

What did the new Republican Party and LIncoln oppose?
a) spread of slavery to other countries
b) international slave trade
c) southern plantation system
d) the extension of slavery into western territorries

Why were the Lincoln-Douglas debates important?
a) Helped LIncoln get elected as a senator
b) Debates made Lincoln a well known politician
c) Debates ruined Lincoln's and Douglas' careers
d) Lincoln won the debates, so he automatically became president

What secret purpose did the words of the song Follow the Drinking Gourd have for Southern slaves
a) song encouraged slaves to work hard and obey slaveowners
b) song helped escaped slaves find their way north to freedom
c) words told slaves how to find water
d) words told slaves how to make drinking cups

How did West Virginia become the 35th state?
a) small farmers loyal to the Union seceded from Virginia and created the new state
b) the new state balanced the number of Northern and Southern states
c) the population of Virginia grew too large for the state
d) West Virginia split from Virginia over its representation in Congress

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