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a school where students live as well as study is called a ___ school
a) graduate
b) pupils
c) boarding
d) nursery

A different name for a 'student' is:
a) pupil
b) term
c) grade
d) nursery

The synonym of the word 'semester' is:
a) state
b) term
c) expell
d) college

The opposite of 'optional' is:
a) compulsory
b) elementary
c) secondary
d) nursery

The person who is in charge of a school
a) form teacher
b) pupil
c) nun
d) head teacher

A person who finishes a university is called a:
a) grade
b) pupil
c) graduate
d) degree

It's important to bring your children ___ well so that they respect teachers later.
a) up
b) on
c) in
d) at

If you attack a teacher, you will be _____ from school.
a) cheated
b) punished
c) taken
d) expelled

What's the synonym of 'kindergarten'?
a) college
b) nursery school
c) state school
d) secondary school

When you finish a university, you get a:
a) revise
b) punishment
c) degree
d) divide

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