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What is the kingdom, phylum, sub phylum and order of crayfish
a) Anamaila, Arthropoda, Crustacean, Decapoda
b) Anamaila, Mollusca, Crustacean, Decapoda
c) Plantae, Arthropoda, Crustacean, Decapoda
d) Plantae, Mollusca, Crustacean, Decapoda

Which animals are in phylum arthropod
a) shrimp, crabs, clams
b) crayfish, beetles, diatoms
c) lobster, ants, krill
d) none of the answers are correct

Which are shared characteristics of Arthropods
a) segmented body, ten legs, endskeleton
b) antennae, jointed legs, exoskeleton
c) segmented body, jointed legs, exoskeleton, open circulatory system
d) segmented body, jointed legs, exoskeleton, closed circulatory system

How many legs does a decopoda have
a) 12 (a dozen)
b) 10 legs
c) 10 legs and a pair of chelipeds

Crustaceans _______________________ their exoskeleton as they grow
a) periodically shed or molt
b) expand
c) continually secrete
d) chew

Where are the teeth located in the crayfish
a) mouth
b) stomach
c) anus

What is chitin
a) the dominant claw of the crayfish
b) the material the crustacean exoskeleton is made of
c) the structure that forms the tail of the crayfish

The dominant arthropods in the ocean are crustaceans
a) True
b) False

Crustaceans have 8 legs, no claws and exposed gills
a) False
b) True

Crustaceans have a keen sense of
a) sight
b) hearing
c) smell

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