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A point in the story where information about prior events is revealed.
a) exposition
b) narrative
c) flashback

The turning point in a story.
a) climax
b) dialogue
c) main idea

A word that sounds like its meaning.
a) metaphor
b) onomatopoeia
c) personification

The form of speech of a particular region or people.
a) dialogue
b) dialect
c) enunciation

The reason the author wrote the text.
a) author's purpose
b) bias
c) informational text

The central idea of a piece of text.
a) narrative
b) main idea
c) bias

To copy the work or ideas of someone else without giving them credit.
a) paraphrase
b) persuasion
c) plagiarism

A statement that is exaggerated for effect.
a) hyperbole
b) irony
c) idiom

A story of connected events.
a) argument
b) genre
c) narrative

A strategy used to persuade.
a) dialogue
b) ethos
c) exos

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