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When writers don't state the way a character feels, the writer will include details that readers must use to make inferences or form opinions about how a character feels. When you make inferences, you use...
a) a dictionary and Google
b) your own imagination and ignore the test
c) evidence from the text, personal experiences, and details from the story
d) none of the choices

John is a better student than his brother Peter. We can infer that ...
a) John does not study.
b) Peter gets better grades.
c) John gets better grades.
d) Peter likes to study.

Sarah waited nervously. She knew the nurse would call her next. She looked at the models of healthy teeth. She hoped her own teeth would be healthy. Where is Sarah?
a) at the doctor
b) at the candy store
c) at the dentist
d) in the movie theater

Doctors recommend that everyone exercise every day, particularly those who spend many hours doing sedentary activities like reading or playing video games. We can infer that when people are doing sedentary activities, they must be...
a) learning
b) relaxing
c) sitting
d) talking

Olivia was practicing her flute. She kept checking the time. She constantly stared at her neighbor's playing baseball. You can guess that Olivia....
a) thinks time is flying
b) is performing for an audience.
c) would rather be outside
d) wants to bake cookies

What would happen if you forgot to set your alarm clock for school?
a) You would get to school early.
b) You would eat a good breakfast.
c) You would be late for school.
d) Mrs. Holter would come pick you up!

When making an inference, a reader must be careful that the inference...
a) is supported by all of the details within the passage
b) restates the primary point.
c) is neither too broad nor too general.
d) is stated directly in the topic sentence.

Henry's mom is having a birthday soon. Henry wants to do something special for her. He knows that her favorite dinner is steak and mashed potatoes. What can you infer Henry will do?
a) Henry will buy his mom flowers.
b) Henry will ask his mom to make steak and potatoes.
c) Henry will make steak and potatoes for his mom's birthday.
d) Henry will ask his dad what to get for his mom.

Jakes' mom tells his to take an umbrella with him when he leaves for school. However, Jake doesn't think it's necessary. What can you about the weather?
a) It is raining.
b) It is snowing.
c) It is going to rain.
d) Cats and dogs are falling from the sky.

When you infer, you....
a) combine info from the material with info that you know
b) combine clues to reach a conclusion
c) read between the lines
d) all of these

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