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The feeling the reader gets from a writing because of the author’s word choice.
a) tone
b) foreshadowing
c) suspense
d) mood

Repetition of key points/ ideas that are most important in a piece of writing.
a) paraphrase
b) evidence
c) summarize
d) elaboration

Words and phrases that tie ideas together and create a logical flow in writing.
a) conclusions
b) transitions
c) details
d) summaries

Rewording information without changing meaning.
a) conclude
b) paraphrase
c) summarize
d) elaborate

The writer’s attitude toward a topic that is made obvious through word choice.
a) mood
b) argument
c) tone
d) anecdote

The rules of the English language, such as spelling, grammar, capitalization, and punctuation rules
a) ideas
b) organization
c) voice
d) conventions

In writing, the organization of ideas and details (within a piece of writing) so that they are easily understood/logical/make sense to the reader
a) clarification
b) conventions
c) coherence
d) categories

Second stage of the writing process: writing quickly to get ideas on paper.
a) prewriting
b) drafting
c) revising
d) proofreading

Evidence a writer offers to refute (“shoot down”) a reader’s counter-argument
a) rebuttal
b) claim
c) dispute
d) elaboration

The exact words of a speaker
a) indirect quoation
b) paraphrase
c) anecdote
d) direct quotation

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